Why is the Gold Coast Golf Academy different to any other? It’s the experience that counts!

If a golfing career is what you want…

Our team have competed on the world stage, played some of the biggest circuits and competed in the some of the largest tournaments in the world… and won on 24 occasions (not to mention the top 10 finishes) and are ready to impart their knowledge to make your game as good as it can be.

Why does this matter? This experience gives our team the knowledge of what it takes to play on the world stage. If you want to make golf your carrier, who better than to teach you than those who have already done it successfully? They know the commitment it takes, the training required and how to take good players and make them great!

I just want to play a better game…

If becoming a world class golfer isn’t what you want to be and you simply want to become a better amatuer player, what better way to achieve this than turn to those that have a full knowledge of the game and know how to share that knowledge to help your development of the game?

Our coaches will not only improve your swing but can help with:

  • Course management – you can take strokes off your game without even improving your ability
  • Mental toughness – learn how to stay switched on through the whole round
  • Short game – Improve your handicap by saving shots around the green

I just want to learn the game….

If you are new to the game what better way to learn than learning from some of the best? The hardest thing to do is to unlearn bad habits. Our coaches will teach you the right way from the start so that you only learn the good habits. They will teach you all aspects of the game and show you how to play the game so that you get the most enjoyment and reach you best potential.