Using the Digital Boardroom software in SAP Analytics Cloud, you can produce a modern dashboard that helps directors stay prepared. Whether you have to share daily activities, meeting materials, or perhaps updates with your board participants, Digital Boardroom lets you take action in a way that is secure according to your organization’s permission configurations.

Reimagine performance reporting with continuous observations, real-time preparing and collaboration capabilities at your fingertips.

Bringing together experiential and functional data, SAP Digital Boardroom enables you to imagine and connect major metrics with smart observations and strong collaboration equipment to enable better decisions in needed moments. This makes it simpler to drive alter, boost productivity and gain a deeper knowledge of your business.

Transform your panel meetings in immersive, custom-made experiences having a single method to obtain truth just for KPIs that matter.

You may create a personalized Digital Boardroom presentation that combines stories right from multiple sections of your organization right into a holistic view, that can be used for demonstrations in the mother board room or on mobile phones. The dashboard can be used by directors, managers or other stakeholders with access to the relevant information.

Produce a modern, exploratory dashboard with freeform subject areas to match your organization’s needs.

You begin by making a root theme, which is a central topic that is certainly free-floating or perhaps connected within a parent-child relationship to additional topics. You may also import matters from other dashboards.

Add subject areas to your fabric, either connected in a parent-child relationship or free-floating and accessible by navigation links.

In the context menu of the topic, you can include a jump target to link to other story webpages in your dashboard. You can also amount topics seeing that featured to generate them better to find in the Featured Subject areas list.

Gets allow you to very easily navigate in a boardroom, for example , from a chart in the overview page to its related section in a detailed graph and or chart. This feature is especially beneficial the moment viewing understanding pages that contain charts or tables from different areas of the boardroom, mainly because it allows you to quickly determine the general situation in a short amount of time.

The Jumps dialog inside the boardroom like it panel allows you to define advances on chart, tables or perhaps widgets to develop clear interactions between sections of a boardroom and help you quickly get a section when desired. You can then click on the desired jump target to open a data or desk with more information that is relevant for the topic you’re presently viewing.

You can even use the Jumps function to automatically apply filters if you select and click a particular graph and or or stand in the guide page. For instance, if you are looking in the boardroom’s revenue, you can directly apply the filtration to the summary page’s graphs and dining tables.

The Dash tab is an excellent place to obtain quick stats on users, meetings and Zoom bedrooms. You can see the whole number of live meetings along with past group meetings that have occurred. You can even foreign trade these figures to CSV data files, which you can therefore save and download. You may also check the health position of your Move Rooms.

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